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about me

I want you to get to know me, because I love getting to know my clients. If you look through my blog you will notice familiar faces as families choose to use me year after year. It is my goal to make my clients feel relaxed and to help them enjoy the session. I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects, newborns, families, seniors, couples, but working with children is my soft spot. I love getting down on their level, playing chase, and just having fun with them. A lot of times mom and dad will join in the silliness and we all end up laughing together.

Posing is important, especially when taking family pictures. My favorite images, though, happen during the in between moments. When I can get a picture that truly captures the essence of your family.

I have always enjoyed photography and during college learned that I also possess a passion for working with digital images. After teaching for 8 years, I stepped away from my career as an elementary school teacher and into the full time roll of motherhood. It was a dream come true. My oldest daughter had one year left before beginning kindergarten and we had just added a newborn baby girl to the family. Sadly, only a few months later my dreams came crashing down after the unexpected death of our two month old daughter. Mia died from accute viral myocharditis, a condition which caused her body to attack her heart instead of a virus. Needless to say, it was a very rough time in my life. I had taken a stunning picture of Mia being held in her daddy's hands with my favorite old point and shoot. For the first time in my life I had too much time on my hands. My husband encouraged me to buy a new (used) dslr and really put effort into learning photography. I practiced on family and friends, read books, read blogs, watched videos, and my knowledge grew.

It didn't take long for friends to start asking for me to take their pictures. When I decided to pursue my passion as a business I chose Recollections Photography as my company name. The definition of recollect is to recall to mind, recover knowledge of by memory, remember. Every session helps bring to mind sweet memories of my beautiful Mia and the picture that started me on this journey.

Thank you for taking some time to learn more about me. I look forward to meeting you!


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