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I am an on location natural light photographer. You may choose an outside location or the more intimate setting of your own home. Sittings that take place outdoors are usually scheduled in the early morning hours or about 2 hours before sunset. These times provide the best light for your images.

Within two weeks (often sooner!), I will have your gallery ready for on-line viewing and ordering. You will have two weeks to order. If you do not order within that time frame, there will be a $30 fee to repost your gallery.


When staring into your closet and wondering what would look best, remember these simple rules:

Solid colors photograph best, patterns can be distracting

Of course...rules were made to be broken! Often, the more colorful, the better!!!

Fun, bright colored accessories look incredible and add personality

Families don't have to match, but should coordinate (reds are hard, browns are easy)

Do stay away from logos

When in doubt, just ask...

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