about me

A posed picture can be stunning.  But what I love is capturing...in that perfect, unplanned moment...the quirky grin, the uninhibited laughter, the bond shared between two people, or even that adorable pout.  Wouldn't you agree that it is those moments that make a picture worth 1000 words?  I strive to work with each family's individual desires in order to give them the finished product that they are seeking.  You will hold a memory in your hands that will last a lifetime, whether it is in the form of a framed picture, a coffee table book, or a beautiful piece of jewelry.

I have always enjoyed photography and during college learned that I also possess a passion for working with digital images.  As a mother, I have had the opportunity to practice my art on some of the world's greatest subjects!  Stepping away from my career as an elementary teacher and into the full time roll of motherhood opened the door for me to pursue my God given talent.  My business actually grew out of a personal tragedy.  We lost our two month old daughter and I suddenly found myself with more time on my hands than I knew what to do with.  I had taken a stunning picture of Mia being held in her daddy's hands with my ancient point and shoot.  People kept commenting on the photograph and, soon after buying my new-used camera...lol,  began asking me to take pictures for them.  My name began to pass from one person to another and a business was born.  I soon settled on Recollections Photography as my company name.  The definition of recollect is to recall to mind, recover knowledge of by memory, remember.  Every session helps bring to mind sweet memories of my beautiful Mia and the picture that started me on this journey. 
I look forward to meeting you and turning your moment into a memory!